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WordPress SEO: 7 Practical Steps


WordPress is currently one of the most popular CMS (Content Management Systems) worldwide, despite the presence of more successful alternatives.

However, simply having a CMS won’t make your website rank first on Google. You need to adhere to the best SEO practices to attract a substantial amount of visitors and turn your website into a true traffic giant.


Below are steps that will help you achieve successful WordPress SEO. These steps pertain to self-hosted WordPress sites (wordpress. org), not the hosted page builder (wordpress. com).


1️⃣ Choose a Quality Hosting Provider:

▪️ Long uptime: Frequent downtime harms your reputation and business.

▪️ Free SSL: Provides secure HTTPS encryption for your site.

▪️ Server location: If targeting U.S. customers, your server should be located in the U.S.


2️⃣ Use Only SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes:

Website speed is crucial for SEO.


3️⃣ Plan Your Website Architecture:

Good site architecture aids search engines in scanning your site. Aim for no more than three clicks to reach any page from the homepage.


4️⃣ Create an Easy-to-Navigate Menu:

Menu content matters for both user convenience and SEO. It helps your visitors find the priority pages.


5️⃣ Utilise SEO-Friendly URLs:

Descriptive permalinks help search engines and users understand your pages.

6️⃣ Submit Your Sitemap to Google Search Console:

An XML sitemap lists all your pages in a format easily read by search engines. Help search engines discover your new pages and provide important information like the last update time.


7️⃣ Noindex:

WordPress generates various taxonomy and archive pages.

Archival pages for specific months, like June 2023, have their own URLs (e.g. https:// yourwebsite. com/ 2023/ 06/). These can negatively impact your SEO when indexed.

These are the essential points to know when starting a WordPress site.


In upcoming posts, I’ll turn over more about WordPress SEO in the following stages.

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