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Nowadays, the most important and unavoidable strategy of growing online businesses is social media marketing. If the marketing of your products is not strong on social media then the loss of your business is inevitable. A weak strategy of social media marketing will cost the future of your business. This simple weakness will take your business backward instead of helping it to grow.

So you have to be fully aware of this marketing strategy. And for that, you can trust us without any doubt. Now some questions may arrive in your mind if you are new to this platform. Like-What exactly is social media marketing? What benefits will I get from this agency if I rely on them about Social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing refers to the usage of Facebook, Instagram, etc and other social media platforms for the promotion of your online business or service. This helps you to interact more with potential customers and drag them to your website. The more people will get to know about your business and mission. And that will help you to grow by increasing your sales. The more people engage in your page or website, the more your products will be sold. Also, the more the engagement is increased, the faster your business will reach the customers. And by this, the existing and loyal customers will get to know about your products thoroughly besides bringing in the new customers.

Now let us give you a short description of our sincere service in the case of social media marketing.

First of all, We will create a strategy that will involve the determination of your goals, which social media platform we will use in the case of your promotion and the type of content that we will share on social media to attract the customers.

Secondly, We will make a draft plan about the marketing of your online business and will make the decision on the theme of your page’s content on social media(including photos and design). Then we will find the proper timing of the promotion on those platforms.

Thirdly, we will monitor the activity of the users of those platforms. We will make an easy way so that the customers will be able to connect with us and share what they want and what your products lack. This will help you to get better and satisfy their need next time. And we will do it with a social media engagement tool.

Fourthly, We will analyze the progress and make a report on this. We will continuously update this report to make things easier for you. The report is important in the case of social media marketing as it helps you to know how far your posts are going and their reach.

Last but not least, purchasing ads. It’s an unavoidable part of social media marketing as it’s an excellent way to reach more customers who are looking for exactly the kind of products or services you give.

So with the above steps, we will ensure the fast growth of your web store.





Facebook Fan Page Creation

Profile Content Writing (Content to be Picked from Your Website)

Facebook Wall Page Design

Profile Content Writing

Average Daily Postings




Weekly Status Updates




Keyword Based Content for Postings

Facebook Photo Album

Facebook Video Uploads

Facebook Quiz / Polls ( Third Party Application)

Monitor Activity

2 x per day

2 x per day


Deleting of unwanted spam

Research and like relevant pages

Facebook Ads Management (spent extra)

$99 /month

Fortnightly Reporting


Instagram Image Sharing




Profile Optimization

Targeted Instagram Followers

Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]

Instagram Analytics Monitoring

Twitter Ads

Twitter Page Creation

Custom Twitter Theme

Weekly Tweets



Weekly Re-tweets



Keyword Based Content for Tweets


Linked In Account (Personal Profile)

Profile Keyword Optimization

Company Page Creation

Weekly Updates



YouTube Channel Creation

Submission of Video (Video Provided by You)

Video Creation & Optimization


Monthly Reporting

Monthly Tracking & Reporting

Customer Support



PT Client Center (24/7 Live Project Tracking)


$349 /mo

$549 /mo

$749 /mo

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